Fluorescent paint is a term for paint that exudes and uses light as a medium. When exposed to darkness or Ultraviolet frequencies, the paint glows like neon lights and becomes prominent, which is more commonly known as the black-light effect.


A Brief History Of Fluorescent Paint

Contrary to popular belief, this type of paint has been around for decades already. After being comatose in the 1930’s, Robert “Bob” Switzer was advised by his doctors to recover in a dark room. During those moments, Bob passed time by playing with fluorescent minerals in the room and mixing them with dark varnish, and soon enough he had created the world’s first luminous paint and decided to call it Day-Glo. He also incorporated the paint in his wife’s wedding dress, and everyone loved the effect that that light had on it, and it was dubbed as the world’s first high-visibility garment. This type of paint has so much history that you for sure would know that it has been tried and tested, so if you have any qualms about using it, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Even when Bob died, he had this fluorescent ball with him—signifying how he believes in the product and that its legacy will live on.


More Color With Fluorescent Color

This type of paint is seen 75 times sooner than regular paint—especially on black, matte surfaces. I can also attest that it has been proven to be better than regular paint, and no one can deny the fact that it’s more artistic, and much more creative. If you want people to take a second look at your work, then use this type of paint. Unlike the natural bio-luminescence of bacteria, this paint uses true living generation of light and involves no reflection at all. In short, it is art and magic in itself—and who wouldn’t want to experience that every once in a while?


Perfect For Entertainment

fluorescent paintUsed mostly in theaters, bars, shrines, and other places that scream art and life, you could also turn your own house or room into a canvass. Or maybe you could create a mural on your bedroom wall, just like I did, and smile whenever you see it. Fluorescent color is legitimately every artist’s go-to paint. In fact, some movies have used it on their sets. The scale model of Minas Morgul in Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King was sprayed with phosphorescent paint, and in the 1950’s, there was the popular radium clock which used luminescent paint. It was a very fun way to look at time, definitely. This paint is also used as the lights in heaters, and other household appliances to signal heat and time, meaning that it is very usable and beautiful, at the same time.


Make Life Light With Fluorescent Paint

fluorescent paintIn this time of disasters and loneliness, it is important to shed a little life in your life—so why not use it? Fluorescent paint is stylish, and trendy, but nevertheless classy, and would surely make painting much more fun.